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Magic Academy : ATIO

# Magic Academy for Junior

Magic Frame

The expression changes whenever I move!
Wait, wasn't it a picture?!
Are there any people inside?
Shall we accost?
Unmoveable pictures move, stimulating children's curiosity and imagination!

Monster Book

Ahh! It's a monster, run away!
If you do it wrong, you might get bitten by the monster's teeth!!

This ferocious monster book is ready to eat everyone who gets close!
When the iron bars are opened, they rush to attack the children and tame the monsters with magic cloth.
The tension of the fast-chasing monster keeps children focused and greatly increases their immersion in the space.

Magic Chess

What? A chess piece moves every time you swing your magic wand?
It moves in the air without wheels, right?

Magic Coding

Wizards can do anything! Create your own magic spell!

Wouldn't it be fun if you only controlled things according to the rules?
Just like the magic that each wizard can use is different, you can create your own magic at Magic Academy Atio. You can code your own logic and create magic that only you can use, as if you were chanting a magic spell.
The more you know how to code, the more advanced magic you can use.

Magic Quill

Three-dimensional magic circle complete!
What kind of magic do you want to create?

Magic Hat

Are you ready to leave? wearing a hat
You will arrive in the magic world in an instant!

What kind of magic do you want to use?
Draw a magic circle while imagining the magic you want to use!
Draw a magic circle or various patterns with a quill pen, and combine several to create your own mood.
You can make a souvenir that you can use even when you go home, and you will keep memories of magic.

Everything I touch is turning into butterflies!
what are those marbles? fall! catch!
If you wear a hat, a new world will open up.
Breathe fire from your hands, manipulate gravity, slow down time! Aren't you excited just imagining it?
Come on, try on this hat!!

# Online LMS


Atio is an innovative creative experience where kids can create magic by coding and use magic to control various objects. Artio's magic is enabled by the latest IT technologies, including AI voice recognition, IoT, magnetic levitation, deepfake, and Kinect.

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